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3 Ways to Improve your Teeth and Your Body at the Same Time

In our day and age, it’s not uncommon for someone to want to improve something about their body. Whether you want to shed a couple pounds, feel more comfortable in your bathing suit, or get back in shape for your favorite sport – there’s plenty of ways to do it. But while advice about shedding pounds or bulking up can be found pretty much everywhere – advice about giving your teeth a boost is often hard to come by in your day-to-day. Today, our dentists in Downey, California aim to change that with 3 simple and easy tips for better, healthier teeth that can also help the rest of your body.

Hoping for better teeth and a trimmer waistline? Follow these 3 tips: 

Drink More Water

One sure-fire way to get healthier teeth, fewer cavities, better breath, and flawless dental checkups is to drink more water. The best thing about getting into a habit of drinking water is that it’s not just great for your teeth – it’s (naturally) great for your entire body. But when it comes to your pearly whites, water helps in a number of ways. Not only does it help rinse your mouth out to prevent food and debris from getting stuck, but it also helps neutralize acids that are working away at your enamel.

Change How You Snack

A little known fact about dental decay is that it occurs in the few hours after you’ve eaten. After a while though, the systems at play in your mouth have an opportunity to wash away the acid and debris. When you snack, you replenish the forces at work in your mouth that are attempting to damage your enamel and contribute to decay – so it’s smart to snack wisely. On top of this, if you’re going to enjoy a sweet, sugary drink – drink it with a meal. Otherwise, you’re only prolonging the duration your teeth are  exposed to sugar and acidity. Between meals choose healthy snacks and opt for water whenever possible.


Stop Smoking

It’s fast, but it’s not easy. The decision to stop smoking could be one of the best possible things you can do for your body and your teeth. From the strength of your teeth to how they look – when you’re a smoker, it’s only a matter of time until you have problems.

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