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Vaping: Not 100% Healthy for your Body. Our Downey Dentists Weigh-In on the Growing Trend

For countless individuals across the country, portable electronic vaporizers – sometimes referred to as “e-cigs” have become a very viable way to gradually reduce a dependence on nicotine.

With “vape shops” showing up in towns across the country, and a drastically growing catalog of products and flavors – the “smoking cessation” technique has also developed into something of a passion and hobby for many of its users.

But many of them also wonder – is it safe? When it comes to the rest of your body, we’re not the experts. But when it comes to your teeth, our dentists in Downey, California have a word of caution: be careful.

While many e-liquid company’s boast simple ingredients that can be found in most medically available inhalers (and are therefore safe to inhale) – the one ingredient that many liquids include that isn’t safe remains nicotine.

Note: There are many e-liquids that contain no nicotine – so if you just enjoy the flavor and “culture” of vaporizing – options are readily available. In most cases, someone new to the technology who is trying to quit smoking will start with a higher level of nicotine while gradually “stepping down” to the point where they don’t need it at all. If by this point, you still love the taste (and maybe the oral fixation) of the vaporizer – there are options. 

While you’re cutting out most of the dangerous carcinogens in the classic cigarette – if your vaporizer still has nicotine in it, you should keep an eye on your teeth and gums. While there isn’t any combustion happening, no matter how nicotine is ingested, it can harm your mouth, gums, and tongue because it is a vasoconstrictor. This means that it reduces the bloodflow to your mouth which can ultimately lead to gum recession and other problems while masking the symptoms of gum disease.Nicotine can also encourage grinding – which is never good for your teeth

If you’re a former smoker who’s recently quit with e-cigs or vaporizers – did you bring it up to your dentist? This information can make a real impact on how our dental office in Downey approaches your teeth and gums. 

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