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Got a Chipped Tooth? Don’t Delay With Treatment (or It Could be Trouble)

Every once in a while, our dentists in Downey, California get a question about chipped teeth.  So first, let us get one thing out of the way: chipping a tooth can be a scary ordeal. First, you have the telltale “crack” or “crunch” that occurs when you either bite into something you really wish you hadn’t – or run into something you also really wish you hadn’t. But the good news is that chipped teeth aren’t always a terrible thing.

Sure, you’d much rather not get a chipped tooth – but sometimes they’re easy and (relatively) inexpensive for our dentists to fix. Other times they need quick dental attention in order to prevent them from becoming a more major problem. If you take one thing away from this blog post, let it be this: the safest bet is always to get in touch with your dentist to ensure that there isn’t any serious risk.

Minor Chips

A minor chipped tooth is something that our dentists see quite a bit of. Whether you bit through something too hard or chipped your tooth biting your nails, these chips are often not a major problem and can often be treated with simple dental bonding or a basic filling.

More Severe Chips

More severe dental chips will often require more serious treatment. In these cases, if the chip is particularly deep, there’s a chance that your dentist will need to use a dental crown to protect the tooth and ensure there’s no further damage.  This is also to ensure that bacteria doesn’t make its way deeper into your tooth. This can sometimes take two separate appointments.

The problem with damaged enamel

While you can often get by not worrying too much about a minor chipped tooth, the reason you should be sure to contact your dentist is that damaged enamel can eventually become a safe haven for tooth decay to establish itself and become a problem. Once this happens, decay can work its way through the enamel, into the dentin, and even to the root of your tooth – which can eventually lead to the need for root canal treatment to prevent loss of the tooth and even more serious problems.

Have you recently chipped a tooth? Our dentists in Downey, California have helped countless patients fix chipped teeth and prevent them from becoming a problem. For emergency help, we’re available!

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